This term has seen some brilliant submissions from our Label family, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the content we’ve produced so far. We’d like to thank all of our volunteers and designers for working so hard, and while we’ll still be working on content over the Christmas holiday, we hope you have a well-earned break.

This year we’ve seen the launch of our Label e-mail and our fortnightly news update. Plus, the Label Lineup, our weekly LCR show which has been live for 10 weeks! We’ve also collaborated with LSUTV to produce an interview with VC Bob about this year’s Freshers and the year ahead.

I’d also like to send a huge congratulations to the Label committee: from creating a last-minute special Freshers edition within two weeks, to writing and editing daily content this term, you’ve been incredible. I’m sure our volunteers and readers know the time and effort you put into Label, but I’d like to say that I’m super proud of you all and can’t wait to see what we do in 2019.

A few stand-out pieces from our volunteer writers this year include Vicki Phillips’ beautiful My Role Model, Niamh Tait’s gripping Bohemian Rhapsody review, and Bella Butler’s inspirational piece on Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim. But over the last 12 weeks, we’ve had a plethora of writers produce a variety of wonderful articles, and I’m so happy to see more interest from people around the university.

While I’m constantly in awe of the Label design team and our volunteers, I also have to shout-out to a few really good designers. While she’s only done a few designs for us, placement student, Sofia Azcona, has produced two of my favourite pieces, including What my degree means to me. Princess Woy, amongst several designs, made an atmospheric header for the Rag Fireworks (and my EP, thanks P). And the last-minute boy-wonder Omeiza Haruna has consistently wowed me, especially with pieces like the Great British Swim.

Label have only been back for three months (just…) and I’m amazed at what we’ve achieved. With more engagement and more content, I will have a happy holiday just thinking of everything we’ve done.

From the Label team and I, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay safe over the holidays; we look forward to seeing you around next term.

Label love x


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