Interview: Meet Amie and her EP, Polaroid


Music Editor, Henna Amin, sits down with Label’s very own Editor, Amie Woodyatt, to talk about her new EP, Polaroid.


Hey Amie, great to sit down with you. Tell us a little about yourself, where are you from, and how did you get into music?

Long story short, I’m from Worcester, but spent seven years in Auckland, New Zealand. I started to learn guitar at home when I was eight alongside my dad, but it soon turned into just myself having lessons. I started publicly ‘gigging’ in 2013 at a bar-come-brewery in North Shore, thanks to another musician (Brian, great guy) offering me the chance to play during his break. Once back in the UK, I met a bunch of musicians in Worcester and now gig in the Worcester/Hereford area.

What are you doing at the moment, and how is it juggling life and your music?

I’m currently studying English, alongside balancing the roles of Butler Court Hall Chair and Label Editor. Juggling music is thrown into juggling life, and overall, I keep it reasonably balanced. I haven’t missed any deadlines for my course yet, at least! Things only get on top of me when, like many others at university, my mental health struggles during busy periods. I’ve had to take several short breaks from basically everything since I’ve been at uni, but by talking to people about it and being open, I’ve been able to keep juggling it all, thanks to my friends and family.

Okay now onto the music stuff. How would you describe your sound?

Kiwi. Acoustic. Personal.

What’s your plan for the future with your music?

I have absolutely no idea. I have several songs in the process of being written so who knows, maybe more recording? Another EP? I’d like to hope so, but I have no idea where university is going to lead me (career or country-wise), so I’ll have to see!

So, tell us about the EP.

The five tracks are up in a roughly chronological order of what they were written about and when they were written. There’s a lot of New Zealand influence in it, particularly as for much of my musical life I was surrounded by NZ culture, and as my friend/producer/all-round-incredible human Terry is also a Kiwi. So, there’s an underlying influence of Crowded House and Jamie McDell, alongside lyrics of experiences I had over several years.

What’s your favourite track and why?

Meme Queen. Partly because hearing people say ‘Meme Queen’ as the name of a song makes me smile, but mainly because it’s about my trip to the South Island of NZ with my best friend (who still lives in NZ) and how distance will never get in the way of our friendship. Favourite song for my favourite woman.


Polaroid: The EP

The EP, spanning 5 tracks, covers everything from relationships, mental health and friendships, to hopes for a positive future. The project’s message and content are relatable and positive, and uplift you with each song. The production is rich through the use of harmonies and layering of acoustic instruments, with Amie’s voice and tone perfectly complementing them. Amie’s mix of pop, acoustic and indie makes for a smooth listen, full of catchy melodies that’ll have you humming along before you even realise.


Give Amie’s EP a listen – it’s available on all streaming platforms and also as a physical CD.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram too!


Featured image by: Princess Woy (photography by Terry Walls)


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