Label volunteer, Meg Jocson Ong, brings you a late-night culture discovery…


Want to avoid busy tourist hours at the museum? Typically, large groups of tourists from all over the globe are drawn to visit the greatest artworks and exhibitions London has to offer, making museum visits less enjoyable. Not to worry, because some of the best museums in London are actually open at night! Here are 4 museums you can visit a little bit later in the day to avoid the hustle and bustle of the tourist crowds:

  1. Tate Modern
    Located in South Bank, the Tate Modern is open until 10o’clock at nighton Fridays and Saturdays. Visit the Tate Modern to explore the works of renownedartists such as Pablo Picasso, David Hockney and Andy Warhol. There are close to 5000 artists whose works areexhibited throughout the museum. You will most likely find something that will catch your attentionwith a collection this vast. Not to mention, the Tate Modern was also featured in the latest Mission Impossible movie.
  2. Natural History Museum
    On the last Friday of every month (except December), the Natural History Museum opens until half-past 10at night. It is filled with incredibly wonderous pieces, exploring the planet we live on and the species that live init. The Natural History Museum is always a good place to go, whether for a group hang out or on your own. Did I mention that there’s also live music and a bar on these nights?
  3. Victoria & Albert Museum
    Covering 12.5 acres of land, the Victoria & Albert Museum is open until 10 o’clock every Friday. Situated in Kensington and Chelsea, this is easily one of my favourite museums in London. Every single person I’ve brought with me to this museumhas fallen in love withtherooms filled with historical artifactsand cultural variety. There’s definitely something for everyone.
  4. Barbican
    Located in East London, the Barbican Centre is another large site that holds more than just art! Transport yourself to the jungle with the Barbican Conservatory during the day and there are a number of activities to do at night – including films, music and art exhibits. If you want an evening wind down on a Friday instead of a night out, the Barbican is surely the place to be.

Personally, I love a good night out but when I’m in the city and want a more relaxing evening, with friends who love history and art just as much as I do, I always suggest a night at the museum.


Feature image by: Omeiza Haruna


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