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Loughborough Sport

In sporting news, last week, Loughborough again saw success after rising to glory in a prestigious international tournament in China. Loughborough Tennis have won a place to the Australian Open next year, on what promises to be a once in a lifetime trip. This follows on from the news that our alumnus Ross Edgley completed his 3200km swim around the coast of the British Isles. Persevering through jellyfish stings, storms and sores, Ross set a new record of 5 months for the incredible (or should we say ludicrous?) feat. Yet again we see victory for our Loughborough family- well done to Ross and the Tennis team!

Elite Athlete Centre

On November 9th, our new Elite Athlete Centre opened its doors for the first time. The new hotel offers tailored meal plans based upon each athlete’s nutritional requirements and state of the art technology allowing 100 of the rooms to be climate controlled. This incredible hotel is the first of its kind in the UK and it was opened by Olympic champion and University Chancellor, Seb Coe.

Gender Equality Guest Lecture

On November 15th, the university played host to Baroness Chakrabarti; author, politician and activist, who gave a talk on gender equality, 100 years after the first measures were taken to enfranchise women. The talk was truly inspiring and the lecture theatre was packed as people flocked to hear about this very pertinent issue. Chakrabarti proved an engaging speaker, addressing current issues, emphasising the need for ‘solidarity’ in the world today.

Living Planet Report

Meanwhile, in addressing global issues, the Living Planet Report has been recently released and shows the devastating effects of climate change upon our planet. The report revealed the shocking statistic that in the last 40 years there has been a 60% decrease in wildlife populations across the globe. Such a revelation in part fuelled the climate protests across London on Saturday, which called for greater action against climate change, and led to 5 bridges being shut off. It’s clear that change is needed and wanted more than ever.


Last week, the cabinet approved the draft deal for Brexit; this draft will go to the EU summit for approval on November 25th. If approved, the UK parliament will vote on the deal in December. The deal has lead to several resignations, including members of cabinet: Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey, Brexit Minister Suella Braverman, Minister of State at the NI Office Shailesh Vara. While the cabinet and parliament are facing resignations, VONCs and disagreements left, right and centre, the 585 page deal does go through the process in as much detail as can currently be confirmed. You can read a brief overview of different sections here.

Elton & John Lewis

In more upbeat news, last week, the long awaited John Lewis advert dropped and it didn’t disappoint! With a play-on-words of the store’s name, the advert featured the legend that is Elton John, showing his rise to fame starting from the gift of a piano one Christmas, and promoted the heartwarming message of the meaning behind gifts. Add some Christmas spirit to your day and watch it here.


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