Editor, Amie Woodyatt, brings you a little bit about your vote for this year’s Hall Committee elections, and asks Izzie Miller, a few questions.


Confused by the strange costumes this week? Not sure why someone shouted out in your lecture? People walking round with a Rag bucket stuck to their hand? Welcome to Hustings.

This time every year, Loughborough University halls vote in new committee members by setting candidates challenges to show how far they’ll go for their hall. Throughout this week, it’s been no different. Candidates have been trying their best around campus to win the hearts of their hall and to gain that elusive spot on committee.

Running? Well done for surviving the week!

Not running? This is your opportunity to use your right to vote! Especially first years, living in halls. This is your first opportunity to vote, and on such an important issue (these people will be representing your views around campus for your hall) it’s important that you remember to tick those boxes…

I asked Izzie Miller, someone with a fair amount of Hall and Union committee experience, a few questions to help you understand a little more about the elections over this weekend.


What is your role at the union?

My role is President of the Hall Student’s Federation (HSF).

What is the HSF?

HSF consists of all 16 hall chairs, section heads for Rag, treasury, social etc, the Union President and Vice Presidents. As a team, we try to ensure that all activities and day-to-day life in halls runs as smoothly as possible, offering a link between the University, Union and Halls.

What do hall committees do?

Hall committees are the life and soul of a hall. They are elected by the members of their hall to do their best to make the next year as fun, exciting and successful as possible. Being part of a committee is so rewarding as you make links within the Union and meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise, gain so much confidence, and of course, what would a Loughborough student’s CV without a committee position.. or two ?.

When does voting open and why should students vote?

Voting opens on 17th November. It’s so important to check out each candidate and vote for who you think will do the best job; don’t be a hypocrite and complain when a choice is made that you don’t agree with, if you didn’t vote yourself ?. Campaigning is always fun both to watch and to take part in, as candidates always put in a huge amount of effort, so whether campaigning or simply voting, get involved with it, as I guarantee you’ll get a laugh or two as a result.


To vote, head over to the LSU Halls section, find your hall, and cast your vote! Good luck to everyone running for a position, remember there’s always the February elections…


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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