Sports Editor, Charles Metcalfe, brings you an article on Connor McGregor’s new business venture.


MMA fighter, Connor McGregor, has launched his own brand of whiskey under the title of “Proper No. Twelve”. The release came one day before the press conference for his upcoming fight on October 6thagainst Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov. The fight will be his first since recent issues with the UFC fighter, including smashing the windows of a company bus with a chair. The whiskey will be sold at exclusive Tesco retailers across the UK at a price of £39.95 according to The Sun. It is currently unknown whether Loughborough’s Tesco will make the shortlist.

Originally wanting to call the brand “Notorious”, after his fighting name, McGregor had to settle for something else after legal claims from a market competitor. The official name can be explained through the whiskey being “proper” Irish whiskey, and McGregor’s home is in the Crumlin district of Dublin, the city’s 12thdistrict.

At the press conference for the Khabib fight, Connor displayed a bottle of Proper No. Twelve on his table and even poured a glass for Khabib who responded with a stern “I don’t drink”. Connor, unsurprisingly, proceeded to tip the whiskey back in one, joined by Dana White, before roaring “Ahhhh yes!” in front of the non-existent crowd.

This can only be seen as McGregor’s realisation that his fortune will be short-lived if he does not find a source of money independent from MMA. He has been struggling to come to a financial deal with Dana White that suits him, since his last performance was outside of the UFC against Floyd Mayweather in August 2017, and his last UFC fight took place in November 2016.

Consistent press conferences over the past two years concluding that McGregor will not be fighting again have left fans up in arms. This displayed the reality that the fighter is simply a showman, and his popularity ends when he refuses to put on a show. It is likely that McGregor saw this, and decided to put money into a reasonably safe financial option which will be promoted by his fame, and by continuing to take part in UFC fights where he can promote Proper No. Twelve.


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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