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    Marvel, please, don’t hurt me so much.

    At midnight on the 25th of April in the UK this year, Avengers: Infinity War hit the cinemas having already broken pre-sale ticket records. In its first weekend it earned $258 million, in its first week, $640 million, and it quickly became the fastest film in history to bring in $1 billion. This film was huge.

    Have an affinity to a certain character? Be careful, your heart may be torn out. Don’t have affinity to a certain character? Be careful, your heart may be torn out.

    Marvel get straight into things, producing multiple shocks before the title is shown. They didn’t hang around. Without exaggeration, my jaw dropped.

    Thanos is introduced in a devastating way and continues to shatter hopes throughout the film. However, we learn a lot about the big bad guy, and while it killed us (me, definitely me), the search for one particular stone shows that he does have the capability to love. “Not possible” you say? Well, the flashbacks to a younger character and emotions they end up causing him show he does feel.

    It comes to something when you’re crying and Thanos is crying.

    During the film, we see groups of characters split into new Marvel groups: Thor seeks Niðavellir with Rocket and Groot, the rest of the Guardians meet up with Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Spider-Man, and almost all of the Avengers join forces with Wakanda where an old friend is waiting to greet Steve.

    These new meetings bring about some quality scenes, with Quill becoming embarrassed, boyish and angry at several characters. He has an emotional day.

    The film ends after an epic battle scene in Wakanda where (what seems like) thousands of attack dogs/aliens/scary monsters from Stranger Things (along with big bad guys and spiky space lawn mowers) (yes, I just wrote that, just watch it if you don’t understand) go against Wakanda and several of the Avengers.

    When I say the film ends, the film ends in a big way. As the credits rolled, once again, my jaw dropped.

    Oh, and then I said “No!” quite loudly at the screen, in a full IMAX theatre. Which would have been embarrassing, but then I heard “Same” from behind me. I wasn’t alone in my grief.

    And, of course, no-one left. We all know by now that the after credits are what give us hope. And this time it was no different. Except that there were more bad things… Marvel really didn’t hold back.

    Essentially, see this film. See this film now.

    Amie Woodyatt


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