BEWARE – spoilers ahead! But, look out for the second follow up post to this one where there will be a spoiler-free review!


Marvel, please, don’t hurt me so much.

At midnight on the 25th of April in the UK this year, Avengers: Infinity War hit the cinemas having already broken pre-sale ticket records. In its first weekend it earned $258 million, in its first week, $640 million, and it quickly became the fastest film in history to bring in $1 billion. This film was huge.

It was partly huge because so many people die. Every fan will have lost a character they have an affinity to. So, just to rub in the loss, let’s remember those who have been so harshly taken from our lives.

Before the title, we lose two important Asgardians (okay, almost all of the Asgardians, thanks Thanos for attacking their ship, really appreciate that): Heimdall, after sending the Hulk back to earth, and Loki, after trying to kill Thanos himself.

Later in the film, Gamora is sacrificed by Thanos in an act of ‘love’ so that he can procure the Soul Stone. Obviously, he has a stronger love for the ability to destroy half the universe than he has for his favourite ‘daughter’. That’s not okay, Thanos.

After characters have done their best to fight off the seemingly endless supply of attack dogs/aliens/monsters from Stranger Things in Wakanda (or are stuck on Titan), Thanos turns up and decimates the cast. First to go is Vision, having the Mind Stone torn from his head (after being brought back to life), thus giving Thanos the power to play his final card to end all Marvel fans.

At a click of his fingers, half of the universe is wiped out. Bucky, T’Challa (Black Panther), Groot, Wanda (Scarlet Witch), Sam (Falcon), Mantis, Drax, Quill (Star-Lord), Doctor Strange and Peter Parker (Spider-Man).

You thought this was bad, then you watched the after credits. There, we see Nick Fury and Maria Hill also disintegrate. Like over half the cast wasn’t enough already.

A silver lining to this pain, is that we don’t know about a lot of people. There are still Marvel characters in the Avengers Universe who could, with some sort of miracle, come back to beat Thanos’ butt. On top of that, a Captain Marvel film is coming out before part two of Infinity War. Will Thanos be defeated?

One final thing, upon questioning, directors confirmed the translation of Groot’s last words. Even though we don’t speak Groot, his last scene sent a wave of sadness through the movie theatre as he said “I am Groot” to Rocket. So, what were Groot’s last words?


Thanks, Marvel. I’m going to go cry again now.

Amie Woodyatt 


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