Role profile for Label Sports Editor

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Create and post briefs on a monthly basis for Label volunteers
  • Alongside the Editor, liaise with AU Exec, IMS Exec, LSUTV and Lens, to create match-day or event articles
  • Promote the sporting achievements of Loughborough students through articles, alongside presenting achievements of UK and global sport.
  • Attend committee meetings


• Learn how to manage a group and work within in a team.
• Have work published in print and online.
• The chance to have a first hand insight into the world of sport journalism and broadcast.
• To work closely with other media sections and gain a greater understanding of other media outlets and the running of the Students Union.

Useful previous experience:

• An interest in Sport/Loughborough Sport.
• An interest and skill in writing and editing.
• To have written for Label Magazine/another publication/personal blog etc.

Average time commitment:

•  Around 10 hours per week plus additional time in the run up to each of the special editions.
• Additional time during Exec Elections and large sports events such as D-Day.

Responsible to:

Media EO, Label Editor

You can apply here. Deadline 24th June.

For more information and all finished applications, contact Chris Leroux.


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