The skin is the body’s largest organ and as a nation we are obsessed with being silky, smooth and glowing and for the most part skin can be great, especially when it looks good. But what about when it looks bad? Only so much green colour corrector and concealer can do the trick when you have a spot the size of Mount Everest on your face. I have compiled what I think are the best remedies for troublesome skin which will hopefully solve all your skin woes and leave you looking flawless.

  1. Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night MaskThe Body Shop – £12.00

What it claims: Reduces the size and number of imperfections, clearer, smoother, healthier looking skin.

What it actually does: Wakes you up to clearer looking skin! I have been using this mask for almost a month now and I have noticeably clearer skin. My skin tone is more even, redness and rosacea completely reduced, so if like me you are prone to a traffic light glow then this product can definitely help you face the world fresh faced. It’s helped reduce spots and made them fade much quicker than they would normally. This mask is a jelly like consistency and it goes on sticky with a noticeable tea tree smell, something I like but if you’re not so keen, the smell completely disappears within two minutes of application. It dries to make your face glossy and basically that’s all you have to do! Go get your beauty sleep and wash it off in the morning and you’re done!

  1. Angels on Bare Skin Fresh CleanserLush – £7.50

What it claims: Creates heavenly and serene skin, cleanses.

What it actually does: Makes light work of banishing blackheads. I have been plagued with black heads since I can remember and they’re so difficult to budge. It comes in the typical lush black packaging and smells divine. Mix a small amount of a paste with a couple of drops of water and you have a cleanser gentle enough to use daily, but also a decent exfoliator which leaves pores noticeably minimised and blackheads gone. This is perfect for all skin types – combination, dry and oily, because of its unique combination of ingredients. This product leaves your skin glowing, and after using this for over a month I have noticed my skin is softer and smoother and I even go out the house make- up free – something I would have never done a month ago.

  1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and – £7.00

What it claims: Refreshes skin, boosts hydration, relieves dehydration, for all skin types.

What it actually does: Kylie Jenner uses this spray and if that doesn’t sell it to you then I’ll try to. Ultimately, this spray is a refresher with multipurpose; you can set your make-up with it or prime your face with it. This spray helped to clear my spots and even my skin tone out all the while making me smell like a dream. As a make-up setting spray this offers you a dewy glow which makes you look as fresh faced as Jenner herself. I usually apply a spritz of this before I do my face, then after doing my face make-up, and then again after doing my eyes – it magically blends your make-up together. It’s considered by some as a toner, but I wouldn’t agree, it hasn’t done much for my pores in terms of appearance but for everything else it’s my holy grail product and at £7 you’ve got no excuse to not give it a go.

Helen Ramage 


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