The key to a good makeup look is not only the right products but the right makeup brushes. Not only will the brushes help you apply the makeup easier but also leave you with a more polished look. Here are some of my essential brushes that never leave my makeup bag (apart from the odd occasion I remember to clean them):

  1. Duo Angled flat brush

I would claim this to be the most important brush but that is simply because I’m obsessed with eyebrows! I was eyeing up the ABH eyebrow brush but the price kept me away from buying it but luckily, I found a gem in Primark for around £1! On one end of the brush it is flat angled, perfect for applying precise strokes and clean lines to the eyebrow whilst on the other side is a spoolie to brush and comb product through the brows to leave them looking more natural. This is also important if you’re after the perfect faded eyebrow!

  1. Blending brush

This will be a life saviour to your makeup looks and buying a few of these may sound silly but they’ll be worth it. Not only can you use blending brushes for blending but they’re amazing for applying eyeshadow beautifully into the crease for a blown-out look and if you’ve applied a few different shades into your crease then using a clean blending brush will softly blend them together and make them appear seamless. ELF, NYX and Morphe offer a ton of cheap and affordable makeup brushes but if you’re on a strict budget sometimes EBay comes through!

  1. Angled brush

Having an angled face brush is important for bronzing up the face without applying too much product or having it look muddy. It’s also perfect if you want to carve out your cheekbones with contour.

  1. Packer brush

A flat packer brush is essential if you like a strong bold colour on the lid and If you’re applying a glitter or shimmer shade wetting the brush with setting spray or dampening it will create more pigment and a bigger impact.

  1. Highlighter brush

Need I say more? Highlighting can take a look from 0-100 quick and to apply it perfectly you could use a clean blending brush or a slightly angled smaller brush to hit those cheekbones with shimmer!

Becky Gibbs – Editor


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