Schems Koperly, Label’s Comment Editor, is back again with another article – There’s not much talent needed to have a good and flowing conversation with someone. All you need is some charm and a few interesting facts. Here are some small talk facts you can use in your next conversation:

Not really.  When your food falls onto the floor, time barely matters. Scientists say that dirt will be in your food within microseconds anyway. What’s more important is the flooring; if your food falls onto a plain and smooth surface, more bacteria will get to it than when it falls on carpet for instance. And of course: The cleaner the home, the safer the near-ground ingestion.


Scented candles pollute the air with chemicals, however they don’t cause infections or allergies in your airways. Nevertheless, if you’re very sensitive, they could irritate your breathing and mucosae, as doctors have stated. Soot particles will only arise if candles don’t burn off neatly and properly – apparently these particles are as damaging as vehicle emissions!

Your kitty is purring to regenerate his or her bones. The purr’s frequency keeps the muscular and skeletal systems from breaking down due to the stress of high-impact jumps. It also keeps them and their little kittens calm. They’re not telling you that they’re happy or that they love you – cats don’t care and would probably kill you if they could…they’re savages. Still cute tho.

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