Yes, I love living in a house with my best friends from Uni. Yes, it’s fun, exciting and the freedom and escape from nagging at home is amazing. BUT, it doesn’t come without it’s stress and frustrations. In the form of mess.

Perhaps it’s because most of us are well looked after at home, our parents keep the house tidy and we don’t have to make that much of an ‘effort’. Maybe we’re just not used to it. But why is it that, as soon as we come back to uni after being at home, washing your own dishes, picking food packets up and wiping surfaces seems to become mission impossible!

The bins don’t get taken out until they’re overflowing, the floor doesn’t get cleaned until your feet can physically stick to it and you can never find a fork ANYWHERE when you want to eat, despite bringing enough for a small village when moving in. Don’t even get me started on the lack of toilet roll and beer bottle collection on the living room window sill that have slowly been building since fresher’s last year.

What I want to know is, will the house ever be clean? Will I ever feel like I can wear bare feet when walking around and will I ever feel like I don’t have to wear flip flops when showering. I hope so. The thing is, I’m not one for confrontation. I would rather just clean the mess myself, but this hasn’t seemed to work too well. The house is free from dirty dishes for a while, but then it just starts to build up again. I’m not saying I’m perfect, I have left dishes in the sink before. I think it’s a collective mess that builds up over time, but dishes and glasses around the house don’t help. What do I do?

One thing is for certain, University living definitely makes you appreciate everything your parents do for you and the home comforts. So university living is bitter sweet. It’s fun, exciting and makes you appreciate home life, but it can be a struggle and a bit of a stress. I spend my days longing for a clean house that stays clean for more than a day.

– By Lucy George


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