I suppose sleeping is one of the most therapeutic acts in anyone’s routine, I mean what’s better than sleeping after a hard day’s work? I would agree, but my friends and I are suffering from something created during this glorious time period – the terrifying “information age” – staying up all night watching YouTube.

It’s difficult to imagine a time that didn’t involve instant entertainment, a time when we weren’t privileged with being able to watch what we want whenever we wanted. I’m not sure about everyone else, but one reason why I could spend all night re-watching the same videos over and over again until my eyes ache as if I’ve spent all night in the frozen tundra is that at one point I couldn’t. I remember I had to make I slept, back in the good old days, when I had to wake up at half 6 to make sure I get to school before 8. I had to discipline myself to make sure I didn’t go to sleep after 10 o’clock, and having the individual power to pry my eyes off the computer monitor.

But look at how the mighty has fallen, I suppose exercising power is rather cathartic and being able to consistently grant yourself the treat of sleeping late and watching YouTube is rather gratifying – at least for the first time. Now I’m yawning every ten minutes and staring at a computer screen is the equivalent to staring into fuzzy mist that’s drifting my eyes downwards. The point I’m trying to make is that, it’s not fun anymore. I feel like a little kid who’s eaten too much candy before bed and is now suffering from rotten teeth. My eyes are like little balls of acid searing into the back of my skull and I just want to sleep, but naps are out of the question since my afternoons are so busy and at night I feast upon the succulent nature of YouTube.

So I guess my next move is controlling my YouTube habit every night, No more YouTubing after 10. I suppose any moment of reclamation comes from a brave step, and the right thing is always the hardest option. Wish me luck

-By Leo Li


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