I don’t know about you but for the past eight weeks The Missing has dominated my Wednesday nights, and when I say dominated I mean dominated. Only keeping my phone on to track what people are saying on Twitter and shutting my door to any other distractions I tried, like millions of other viewers round the country, to figure out the mystery of first Alice, then Sophie, then that other girl (followed by hours of trawling the internet to see what others thought too).

But last night all that came to an end in spectacular style. We now know that Lena was the girl in the shed and Stone fiddled with the DNA, Gettrick killed not only her but also Henry Reed because he wouldn’t help to save Sophie’s life (hence her release as ‘Alice’) and Sophie really did seem to want to play happy families with her kidnapper and their daughter (yes, Sophie’s). Phew, what a night!

So, many loose ends were tied up, as the writers promised they would be, but I think it’s safe to say we are all left with a few questions:

What was Sergeant Stone’s riddle all about?

In episode 2, the creepy Sergeant told Sophie (masquerading as Alice) a tale about ‘The Turtle and the Stick’. When the turtle didn’t keep his mouth shut, he died. This warning wasn’t just for Sophie/Alice to keep their mouths shut, should they bring down the entire cover-up in which Stone was rather heavily involved it seems, but was also a hint that Stone had something he was covering up too. At least that’s what 3+ years of an English degree is leading me to summise…

Does he really have dementia?

We’re left to speculate on this one, and I’m not sure. But Eve didn’t look convinced as she asked him ‘are you well?’ at the end of the episode. If he is pretending, not only ius Roger Allam an incredible actor, but his character is too. #Inception… On the flip side, who would ever s**t themselves if they were ‘well’?!

What did Eve do with him after it all came pouring out in his hospital room?

She told the medical staff “he’s coming with me”, but where to? Her house? After all she knows, does she still feel safe around him? To the police station? Surely he will just continue his cover up! We may never know the answer to this one…

Where do Sophie and her dad, and poor little Lucy, go from here?

Award for cutest little actress on TV goes to the little cherub that played Lucy, wasn’t she just a beaut? Sophie was refusing to see her father, but she let Lucy meet him and didn’t intervene. Methinks this is a good sign for the trio. Could this be a happy ending?

Why did Daniel Reed keep scrubbing the floor of blood where his dad died?

You would have thought the blood would have been cleaned up, so was he just struggling to cope with the death of his dad? Was he seeing things? Daniel Reed is one character who seemingly never got peace, although he can be safe in the knowledge his father wanted no part in the sick schemes of Adam Gettrick.

Is Baptiste still alive?

As we left Baptiste he was counting down from dix (check my French) on the operating table. We can only hope he survives because I have a worrying feeling that the answer to that question has a direct effect on the next one…

Most importantly, will there be a third series?

Because we ALL want one.

Knowing we were all broken after the final episode of 2016’s best drama, BBC were kind enough to leave us with a Sherlock teaser. And while we may have to wait for that, Rillington Place is new on BBC iPlayer to fulfil your dark drama needs, featuring The Missing’s twin show Thirteen’s very own Jodie Comer. Enjoy!

Also, Google Image a young Baptiste, it’s super fun!


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