We’ve all heard our parents and grandparents complain that health and safety rules are far too extreme these days, and when they were kids they had so much more fun. After reading the news this week, I am starting to think they’re right. This week, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have banned the news Heinz Baked Beans advert (you know, the annoying one with the can song) on the grounds that it is too dangerous.

The advert encourages viewers to bang the can with their hands, and this supposedly poses an extreme risk as it can lead to cuts and injuries. After receiving nine separate complaints, the ASA has banned the advert for the time being, claiming that the predominant problem with the advert is the lack of safety measures. If Heinz provide comprehensive safety measures for people wanting to practise the can song at home, then the advert may be put back on air.

According to the BBC, a spokesperson from Heinz responded to the ban: “We believe this popular ad did not pose any safety risk and many fans were inspired to create their own video versions.” Heinz have also posted safety tutorials online, instructing viewers on how to perform the can song safely.

Yes, the advert is extremely irritating, and no, I do not want to learn the can song, but it is totally ridiculous to ban it on the grounds of being dangerous! Do you think health and safety rules have gone too far? Let us know in the comments. For more weird, interesting or humorous stories, head to the Label website and check out ‘One for the Weekend’!

– By Ellie MacKenzie


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