This week wasn’t the best of weeks for Loughborough Students Table Tennis after only winning 1 out of 5 matches. However, these results were expected and it gave us some decent matches ahead of the BUCS Individuals this weekend where we hope for some more positive results.

Loughborough Women’s 1s 5-0 Derby Women’s 1s

Loughborough Women’s 1’s were able to keep their unbeaten record by claiming a 5-0 victory over Derby 1’s. They are now through to the quarter final stage of the Midlands Conference cup where they face Nottingham 5’s.

University of East Anglia Men’s 1’s 16-1 Loughborough Men’s 4’s

Our Loughborough Mens 4’s showed plenty of passion and desire during their match against UEA, but their opponents were too strong and dominated most rallies resulting in a 16-1 loss.

Oxford Men’s 1’s 11-6 Loughborough Men’s 3’s

The Oxford captain had an unorthodox playing style which was difficult to play against. Loughborough 3’s put in a lot of hard work into match, but it was not enough to seal a victory. Hopefully next week, when they play at home, the result will be much different.

Coventry Men’s 1’s 12-5 Loughborough Men’s 2’s

Luckily, Coventry’s strongest player was absent from the match, which gave our 2’s hope for a good result. However, it seemed that Coventry was still too strong for our men’s 2’s and took a 12-5 victory.

Loughborough Men’s 1’s 6-11 Nottingham Trent Men’s 1’s

This game was expected to be very tough for our Loughborough 1’s as the quality of opposition was known to be very high. All of our players beat their fourth player and our number one player, Jared Patel, won three out of four matches. Unfortunately, their strongest players were too tough for our 1’s, resulting in a 11-6 defeat.

-By Jessica Birbeck,


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