In the last few weeks, the news has been very political with the US presidential election dominating the front pages. Countless Americans, and many of us Brits are not happy with the decision that Donald Trump will be the new president come January.

However, one British man is thrilled with the verdict, and decided to show his support for the new President by having his face tattooed onto his leg. Dave, from Salisbury, is a big supporter of Trump and states that whilst the President to be sometimes goes too far, they agree on a lot of issues.

According to Dave, who is evidently very knowledgeable about politics, Clinton is too much a part of the establishment for him, although he would probably still consider a tattoo of the ex first lady. The tattoo of Trump takes up about 80% of his shin, and he defends the decision by stating that: “great art is always controversial.” To complete the tattoo, Dave also had the accompanying slogan “In Trump we trust” to match his idol’s face.

According to the Metro, Dave believes that unlike Trump, Clinton is evil, and the new President apparently has an advantage in coming from a non political background. Perhaps Dave’s most astute observation of Trump was: ‘the ‘grab them by the pussy’ stuff was stupid but no-one’s perfect.’

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– By Ellie MacKenzie


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