With the charts now firmly set on a Friday release, we thought rather than run down the top 40, we’d take a look back at some of the best number ones since music began (well, charts began). Bringing you everything from eighties classics to noughties bangers, make sure to be here, every Friday, for a flashback of some of the biggest chart hits.

Up this week: ‘Sorry’ – Justin Bieber

I’m going to break the fourth wall here and say that up until about the middle of last year, I really, and I truly mean this, couldn’t bear, stand, contemplate or even begin to bring myself to listen to Justin Beiber. Part music snobbery on my part (I’m not ashamed to admit) and more that I just didn’t like his music, there was nothing that could resurrect the Beebs to me. But, come the 23rd October, and the release of ‘Sorry’ and this all changed.

Taking the number one spot and holding onto it for two weeks (even though it felt like forever) ‘Sorry’ is pop music at its best. More grown up than his previous efforts, and with a great beat that (cliché here we come) just won’t quit, ‘Sorry’ is Beiber 2.0, setting the stall for Purpose, the album it featured on, and giving the Beebs some well needed credibility back. Is it FND ready? You bet.


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