If you get a chance to dive into an international ocean of history, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food and much more at once, what you would feel like? A dream come true.. just WOW, right?

So were the reactions of students at Loughborough University’s International Day celebration when they walked around the world, with the hopes of understanding cultural diversity and build camaraderie from countries all over world.

Hundreds of students flocked to the University main avenue (LSU) on the 16th of November for a taste of varied culture, exotic food and unique traditions. The International Day 2016 organised by the Loughborough University drew a large number of students and had around 45 stalls representing the respective countries. The event was held from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm and was much enjoyed by everyone who attended.

At the event, students from different countries exhibited and explained the most significant aspects of their culture to the spectators.  Most of the stalls had pictures of the historically significant places of their respective countries and the special features of those were explained to all the interested onlookers. Moreover, special items in the culture like wedding customs and customs observed during traditional festivals of their countries were also demonstrated or explained. Unique equipment and utensils used in everyday life of people were exhibited as well.

Items from popular traditional cuisine of their home countries were put on display and food & drinks items were even handed out to be tasted by the participants. 

Most of the students who were in charge of the stalls dressed up in their traditional ethnic attire. Onlookers were handed their names written in different languages like Hindi, Cantonese and Mandarine as souvenirs.

Highlights of the International Day included the ethnic Indian solo-song performance by Nikunj Garg (a postgraduate Management student) and traditional dance performances by artists of many countries which were enthusiastically enjoyed by the crowd. Local music was also played in most of the stalls.

“It is amazing how similar we all are in the end, even though we are from different corners of the globe!” said Prishma Jain, an MBA student at the School of Business and Economics. “It is a privilege to be a part of such a unique and special event as it celebrates two very important attributes: diversity and community. I thoroughly enjoyed the music and food, it was an experience worth remembering,” she added.

India, China, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Australia, South Africa, The USA, Brazil were among the countries that took part in the gala event.

-By Arzoo Snigdha


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