Loughborough Students’ Union is ending its affiliation with the NUS.

After failing to meet the quorum of 4000 votes the decision of LSU’s affiliation with the NUS was referred to the Board of Trustees who today met to discuss and vote on LSU’s membership with the NUS.

Several universities have been voting on potential disaffiliation from the NUS following a growing discontent with the NUS.

Support for a referendum at LSU was triggered after a large number of students and the delegate team at the last NUS conference voiced an aspiration to question their NUS affiliation. Whilst LSU members had only just voted on their NUS membership a couple of months earlier, many questioned whether this was truly democratic as students were not properly informed.

LSU will now join Hull, Newcastle and Lincoln in leaving the NUS, whilst Cambridge, Oxford, Exeter, Warwick, Surrey and Essex University have all voted to remain part of the NUS following their own referendums. Votes at Bath Spa and Worester University were ruled inquorate after too few students took part in their referendums.

It is yet to be seen how other universities will vote, with the results from York, Nottingham and Durham expected soon.

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