By Livv Ferris

There is no greater feeling than clicking your computer mouse to finally submit that exhaustive essay or putting down the pen after answering the final question on your exam paper. But, the real satisfaction lies in the true celebrations that follow.

It is fair to say that everyone celebrates in their own different way, whether via crazy drunken nights with fellow classmates or a chilled night in binge-watching your favourite TV series. Here are just a few suggestions…

1) A crazy night out in Luffs

For many of us, the temptation to resist going out during the exam/essay period is very challenging. Some crack under the pressure and find themselves taking up that Stuesday 2 for 1 offer just a few days before their dreaded exam. However, for those who manage to hold out, a crazy night at FND following a massive pres session with your fellow course-mates is surely the key to a good night. Get your friends round yours, whack out the silly party games and celebrate in the best way Loughborough knows – shots, shots and more shots!

2) A crazy night out further afield…

Okay, so for some of you party animals, a post-deadline celebration should be even bigger than a regular night out at the union and so you may feel the need to venture further afield. Luckily for us Loughborough residents, we are proud to boast being on the doorstep of both Nottingham and Leicester – which are known for their wild clubs and incredible atmosphere. For just a £3 train ticket, grab your friends and step out of the Loughborough safety zone – you deserve the adventure!

3) A chilled night in…

For some, this may be the worst way to celebrate, whilst for others, it is the most rewarding. Sitting in front of the TV, binging on chocolate and crisps and laughing at Charlotte Crosby’s antics on Geordie Shore can be totally amazing. Do you know why? Because you don’t feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing – you have no work left to do and nothing else to revise for. You can now do small tasks and hobbies without feeling like you should be doing work and can take as much time as you like in which to complete them… LAVLEY.

4) Visiting home

Visiting home in order to dwell in some of your home comforts can also be the perfect way to celebrate. My personal favourite is the bath tub – a long, hot soak in some bubbly water can be the perfect wind-down from a stressful exam/coursework period. Take pleasure in being waited on by your parents after caring for yourself for the entire semester – you’ve worked hard to complete the year and deserve to be spoiled.

5) Pamper yourself…

Don’t hesitate to give yourself some TLC following such an intense period of work. Take a trip to the spa with your girls or organise a massage following a game of footy with the lads. Having your nails, tan or hair done can be the perfect pick-me-up after stressing yourself out with too many all-nighters in Pilkington library!

Whichever way you decide to celebrate post-deadlines, make sure you do it well and with the people you love most – and WELL DONE FOR SURVIVING!


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