Exec Elections nominations have now closed and media week is well under way. Having already interviewed candidates in LSU Media, more content is set to come your way! But, “where can I find this information?”, I hear you cry…

All “official” LSU information can be found alongside LSU Media output for the period of the elections this year on a website created specifically for Exec Elections 2016. This encompasses LSU, LSU Marketing from a staff and sabbatical perspective and LSU Media from a student perspective.


Why would we want to put our critical media pieces alongside all official information? As everything is going to be on the same website, there’s only one place you’ll need to go to to find out everything you need to know about every candidate running to be on your Executive Committee for 2016-17. We’ll have articles, radio shows, photos and videos from LSU Media, helping to give critical views as well as showcasing some of the more “fun” elements of campaigning! Our comments on each candidate will be at the bottom of each candidate’s “official” LSU Elections page, as in “LSU Media says…”, enabling you to see what fellow students think having engaged critically and analytically with manifestos. As well as underneath each candidate’s page, you’ll be able to head straight to LSU Media’s coverage and each sections’ page from the top bar of the website!

Basically, you have every opportunity to find out LSU released information as well as finding out things from fellow students. Agree or disagree with us- you can even “like” our posts and comment. You can have Label posts refresh as we write them, without you having to refresh whilst we utilise our new “live blog” feature (yes, we’re excited)!

So, get yourself over to execelections.lsu.co.uk and begin your Exec Elections experience 2016.


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