Loughborough University has unveiled its new logo following a failed rebrand earlier this year and subsequent consultations with students and stake holders.

An article on the university website details how feedback from stakeholders has been positive on the new visual identity and information on the logo which is being described as a simplified version of the universities coat of arms.

Loughborough sign uni new logo Ryan Andrews
New logo courtesy of lboro.ac.uk, edited by Ryan Andrews

The new logo is just one part of Loughborough’s steps to improve its capacity and influence on a global scale. Although the logo design is only a small component of this rebranding, it would seem that the university has realised how important the logo’s design is to students.

Key themes in the feedback to the previously proposed logo have been addressed. The use of pink as a primary colour is something that has been a part of Loughborough’s identity since 1996 and, although many said it didn’t work in the previous logo, the University remain committed to using it in their materials and online.

Loughborough also hope to promote the history of the symbolism and origins of the new logo that are embodied in the universities’ coat of arms as well as hoping to tell Loughborough’s story more widely.

Hopefully this response to feedback on Loughborough’s proposed new visual identity will mean more creative collaboration across all aspects of the university community in the future.

Jamie Hutton


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