With just over a week until Freshers 2015 I’m sure the moment thousands of Loughborough Freshers have been waiting for is their first lecture… 

So this may not be high on everyone’s agenda during their moving to uni prep but it’s definitely something to think about.jeans Once you have waved bye to mum and dad; settled into your new room; met your flatmates; been to your first FND and as the high from the Sing Off starts to fade away there will be that impending question, what do you wear on your first day at uni? Of course we’re not supposed to judge people by their appearance but before you have even said hello to someone you have already formed an opinion of them based solely on what they’re wearing.

As much as Loughborough is known for their stellar sport accolades past and present as well as engineering, our little hub in the Midlands is definitely one of the more trendier locations the East Midlands has to offer. So, before you become inundated with course or societies’ stash, AU kit, t-shirts from Rag Raids or Action Projects, have you thought about what you will wear for your first day at university? Here’s some tips:

  1. First and foremost your lecturers do not care what you wear, that’s a given; as long as you actually turn up amidst the surreal 17 days that is #LSUFreshers15, they will be content.
  2. Some words of advice, turning up in last night’s paint from the Sing Off may not be the way to go. Please save the awkward glances and puzzled looks you will catch for Hustings (you will find out about this soon enough). Just because ABC (anything but clothes) is a common theme during Freshers, please do not feel like clothes are optional. SONY DSC
  3. Think Practically. There is no point squeezing into a pair of jeans or ankle boots that look amazing but really are not feasible when you’re trying sprint from DC to the Cope Auditorium. Yes you may look undeniably on point, but that’s not ideal when you walk in late to your first lecture because you underestimated your ability to move in jeans or boots you are yet to break in.
  4. Don’t break the bank on an entirely new wardrobe. Over the course of first year you’ll find out it can feel like there’s always something you have to spend money on: course texts, trips, nights out and of course food. So try and keep in mind that just because your loan came through, you can still look chic on a budget- and don’t go thinking you need to bring the sixth form suits with you, that’s a no go.
  5. At the risk of sounding cliché, just be you. It is a lot easier to get rid of first day nerves when you feel comfortable in clothes you know and love.
  6. My final suggestion to you is please leave the leavers hoodies in your wardrobe at least until the first week of Freshers is over. Sure it will come in handy when you’re watching Netflix or for the all nighters in Pilkington, but the first day of your university career- I think not.

Be comfy, sensible and relax!


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