WheyHey Protein Ice Cream

WheyHey Protein Icecream is a little pot of protein joy that has taken the UK by storm as an athlete’s favourite dessert alternative. Available in both 150ml and 500ml pots these four different flavoured scoops are sure to appeal to Loughborough’s athletes as a cheat to a treat.

Founded in 2012 by two Brunel University friends the brand began as an idea in a kitchen and has grown over the years with support from professional athletes such as Jack Nowell and UK icons such as David Gandy the ambassadors for the brand hold a strong relationship within the promotion of good health. Now just only three years after it was founded you can find WheyHey stored and sold in multiple outlets including Holland and Barrett, Wholefoods, As Nature Intended, GNC, Revital, Nuffield Health, Ocado and Musclefood.

Each of these little 150ml pots are crammed with 20g of protein of which is sure to provide you with those extra ‘gains’ that us Loughborough athletes crave so much as well as a steady treat replacement that is low in fat within the dreaded ‘shredding and shedding’ season for those beach ready bodies. Yes our summer holidays are approaching, how scary, but with this season knocking on the door surely it provides an even greater excuse as to why we should all be eating WheyHey this summer, what better ice cream alternative will you find that is sugar free and provides a natural sugar replacement of Xylitol.


So everybody raves about how great this stuff really is and so I was going to have to try it for myself. The amazing people from WheyHey sent me four tubs for me to taste and oh my was I in for a treat!

The taste test….

The four flavours that WheyHey currently produce are Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Banoffee. Unfortunately the vanilla pot had burst its seams upon arrival and therefore I was unable to try this flavour – but everyone loves Vanilla right?!

In this case the first I tried was the Strawberry. Upon my initial spoonful I could feel the texture of the natural sweetener along with the fruit and creamy flavours making it extremely refreshing. I’ve always preferred a fruit infused icecream over the stereotypical chocolate but it tasted less like an icecream and more like a frozen strawberry milkshake. The tub was rather sweet but the flavours brought the ice cream through and the gooey centre was fabulously unexpected. I would give this a 7/10.

Next was the Chocolate pot; normally everyone’s favoured flavour this little delight was a gracious mix of both milk and dark chocolate. Alike the strawberry it was very sweet and I loved that about it but what would have made this even better would have been a few choco chunks in there, maybe my expectations are too high! I will award this flavour with a big 8/10.

Last but not least the Banoffee. This tub was my favourite of the three that I tried by far, before I had even taken a spoonful I was blown away by the smell that rose from the opened lid; it was an incredibly rich allure of banana with the sweetness of the toffee softening the overpowering of the fruit. Before taking my first mouthful I was apprehensive as it is all too often that you get dessert flavoured ice creams that are disappointing in relation to the real thing, however, amazingly it tasted exactly like a cold banoffee pie and lived up to its smell. It was very bananary (definitely just made up a word for that…but we will go along with it). I would award this flavour a 9.5/10.

The use of sweetener as a replacement for the added sugar really worked well, if anything it made the icecreams that little bit sweeter, and who doesn’t like that?

So if you’re like me and have been swapping continuously between protein shake flavours over the years and sometimes you’re not feeling overly satisfied with their protein percentage then I strongly recommend investing in some Wheyhey protein ice cream. I mean let’s face it Loughborough, it’s a protein packed dessert – let’s not argue with the professionals and I insist we take their advice and eat a pot of this a day!

I will be recommending it to my friends and fellow students but don’t just take my word for it why not give the little pots of fun a whirl by visiting your local Holland and Barrett in town!

To be honest, even if you aren’t within the calibre of the stereotypical Loughborough athlete it surely feels less like a naughty treat if it’s filled with all this extra protein for your body right?


You could soon be seeing the icecream in an Odeon cinema near you so watch out for those brightly coloured tubs and swap that tub of Ben & Jerrys for a WheyHey!

Check out their website for more details on the product and how you can get your hands on some tubs! The WheyHey blog also offers tasty step by step recipes to improve your way of living and lead to a healthier happier you!



Imogen Harry


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