University student Jessie Downs is running to be Loughborough Student’s Union second ever VP College. Label found out why she believes her own involvement in the Union makes her the right candidate for the role.

Why are you running for this position?

I am running for this position because during my time at Loughborough I have been involved in Action, Rag and IMS and I think my involvement within all these sections will be a great stepping stone within the college. Being VP College means making sure that all students are engaged with and know what is going on with the union. In my first year I was a representative on my course so I have experienced the academic side. I’ve been an Action rep in my hall so I feel I could make some strong links between Action and the College. I’ve also been involved in Rag, raising money for the Epileptic Society and I believe my experience in such a wide range of activities and events from the university will give me a great idea and start into the College.

What makes you more suited than other candidates?

I’ve been heavily involved in everything that has been offered to me within the union and I believe this gives me great insight to how the union works and also how to get people involved.

Can you tell us about your theme? Jessica Downs

My campaign theme is Jessie The Cowgirl from Toy story.

What’s the most important aspect of your manifesto?

The most important thing is to promote employability skills that students will gain from doing different events, especially those run by the union. For each event that’s put on I’d like to put down all the employability skills that students will gain from that.

In one sentence why should people vote for you?

People should vote for me because I’ve got great experience in everything involved in the union and I can transfer this knowledge to the College.

What are you most looking forward to about campaigning?

Meeting all the students in the College, it’s not easy meeting all the students from the College being a university student but I’m hopeful to.

What are you least looking forward to?

I do think the debate will be quite difficult but I am really looking forward to it.

What part of campaigning are you going to focus on the most?

My main focus is with the College students as that’s who will be being represented. I want to get the votes from them.

What have you spent your budget on so far?

I’ve made my costume myself so I can spend more on advertising across both campuses.

What made you want to run for this position? Jessica Downs - Candidate for VP College

I want to represent more people, by working with all the College and the university allows for this.

What do you like about the way the role has been carried out this year?

I think G has done a great job this year. I’d like to build on the foundations for the enterprise events.

What new ideas will you be bringing in?

Advertise the employability skills to get more people involved with LSU events.

Can you tell us something that not many people know about you?

I’m very competitive, I play golf at home and the games get very competitive – especially family matches!

What three characteristics do you have that make you well suited to this role?

Approachable. Charismatic. Determined.

Interview conducted Saturday 2nd May by Katie Wilson. 

Write up: Danni Jones. 


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