Following the election of a majority Conservative Government on Friday, David Cameron has today begun to announce his Cabinet. 

One of the most significant appointments, or reappointments is of Nicky Morgan. LSU_5228Our Loughborough MP will remain Education Secretary as well as Women’s Minister, and was seen leaving Downing Street this morning.

Although there are very few reshuffles being made by David Cameron, there are a few notable ones. Ex- Education Secretary, Michael Gove is going to become Justice Secretary, an interesting shift for the man who revolutionised school exams. He is also set to take on the role of Lord Chancellor.

In other areas, Chris Grayling will be the Leader of the House of Commons, whilst Michael Fallon remains in his role as Defence Secretary. The Conservative live blog suggests that many ministers are remaining in their positions as an aim to achieve continuity. This is again echoed in the reappointment of Theresa May as Home Secretary and George Osborne being the Chancellor of the Exchequer again, to name but a few of the roles.

Whilst David Cameron makes his decisions on Cabinet appointments, many other parties are considering who their new leaders will be. Labour have various candidates rumoured for the role, Chuka Umunna and Yvette Cooper to name a couple. Tim Farron is considering taking over the Liberal Democrats. No doubt we will see very soon!

Photography courtesy of Dan Leedham


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