The infamous Loughborough University Graduation Ball themes for students graduating in 2015 have just been revealed.

Following last years very successful Gatsby themed ball, 2015 is set to see one of four themes, revealed today, to be voted for by Loughborough students. A Graduation Ball sees hundreds of students dressed in their most glamorous attire, prepared for what could possibly be their final night out at the union. This is not a normal FND style evening, as the Students’ Union is transformed- no doubt with gloriously sparkly lights and themed decorations.

The themes are:
  • Game of Thrones
  • Las Vegas
  • Frozen
  • 70s Retro

Out of the four, Frozen is possibly the most predictable, however the three other themes are quite unusual! With the huge following that Game of Thrones has, it would not be surprising to see this gain a lot of votes, although everyone does love a Retro night. Las Vegas could also be great fun- but it is for 2015 Graduates to decide!

The evening is truly one to celebrate and to be cherished by all. The survey is available here- have your say! 


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