Alice Priestley looks at the 10 types of Instagrammers!

The Selfie Queen

Like reading and writing, everyone knows a Selfie Queen in this day and age. At least once a day, expect a new selfie to be uploaded paired with an excessive amount of hashtags and a highlighting and shadow-enhancing filter. If they’ve gone pro, look out for the Selfie Stick or heavily cropped frames.

The Hashtag Fiend 

Much like the Selfie Queen, expect Hashtags galore – you may need to scroll for a good few days. It doesn’t matter the subject content of the photo itself, this person is just in it for the likes. Look out for ‘#follow4folllow’, ‘#instadaily’, ‘#spam4spam’ and this amongst other ridiculous tags, and it will confirm the status of this Instagram user.

The Fashionista

A more pleasant type of Instagram account, though not if you’re absolutely skint. Either modelling the outfits themselves, or throwing a combo on the bed, these accounts always have us in envy of how they can afford the luxury of nice clothes!

The Food Fanatic

Whether they’re out at Nando’s, Turtle Bay or Wagamammas, they will let you know via Instagram. Not only do they make you ravenously hungry, but annoyed at the fact that they aren’t actually devouring the delicious looking food on their plate! (How do they have such strength?!)

The Adventurer

Typical locations documented will be a mix of Thailand, Cambodia, Peru or any type of ‘Gap Year’ places. With every photo looking like a damn postcard, immersed in the world of sea turtles and exotic beaches, we can’t help but stare in awe at their incredible photos.

The Inspirational One

This one can get quite tiring. Though they can sometimes provide us with the motivation to get out of bed, endless photos of Marilyn Monroe quotes and song lyrics can become a bit tedious.

The Fitness Nut

It’s all about those gains, apparently. The typical photos you will see of a gym nut will include themselves, more sculpted than a Botticelli Angel, with their feast of rabbit food and protein shakes. On some days it can make you spend an extra five minutes at the gym, but they can also send you reeling for the chocolate cupboard in a guilt-ridden feast.

The One Obsessed with Cuteness

You can’t help but love this account. Photos of baby everythings from puppies, baby rhinos, polar bears, ducklings – you name it, it will be there and it will bring you eternal joy. IT’S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE!

The Celebrity Fanatical

Often the most prevalent when bikini season is round the corner. Not only will it make you fear your summer wardrobe even more, but the washboard abs of Lucy Mecklenburgh will just make you want to weep whilst staring helplessly at your double Dominos order.

Material Girl

A dedicated documenter of recent purchases from the likes of Harvey Nichs or Selfridges. We know we can’t afford anything they have but we nevertheless can’t help ourselves from staring in envy – MAC makeup, Chanel Perfume, Michael Kors Handbag, we want it ALL.

Alice Priestley


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