Hi, I’m Bryn Wilkes.

Firstly, to the 5,385 Loughborough students who voted for me to have another year as your VP Media, thank you.

Secondly, to the 1,044 Loughborough students who voted to re-open nominations, now is the start of a 16-month period that I have to try to change your mind about me.

Now isn’t the time to go into paragraphs and paragraphs about why my reasons for rerunning were genuine and rightly-motivated; however, I am happy to point you to any of the interviews I gave for LSU Media during the elections period if you’re curious.

Instead, I want to bring your attention to a document that unfortunately slipped largely under the radar throughout the elections. Whilst plenty of people read by 250-word manifesto online, far fewer checked out the extended manifesto that was hosted on the (often-temperamental) Tickbox website. I won’t lie to you, it will take some serious patience to work through the 3,846-word body of text, but I do firmly believe that this is the most important document that there is to judge me on.

Whether you voted for re-election, re-open nominations or you didn’t vote at all, this is what I ask you judge my success on for the next 16 months. If you’d like to ask me anything about the manifesto or anything else at all, get in touch at vpmedia@lsu.co.uk or tweet me with @VPMedia_LSU.

See the manifesto here


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