Serena Gainda

The students’ nemesis always has and continues to be the deadly hangover. At the end of a great, alcohol-fuelled night, you can be sure the hangover will begin to rise from its hellish place, making its presence known loud and clear the moment your eyes open to meet the (now headache-inducing) light. The pounding head, the overwhelming nausea, the fatigue and the general feelings of eurgh are common symptoms of the hangover. You’ll probably feel inclined to knock back a cup of coffee in order to lift yourself out of exhaustion; however this could be a fatal mistake. Hangovers involve dehydration and coffee will only dehydrate you further! Going to fix up a greasy meal instead? This method isn’t effective either and will probably have you scrambling through your cupboards for a bottle of Gaviscon. Give these ineffective methods a miss. Here are some real methods to help get you out of hangover hell.

  1. Coconut water- You lose electrolytes through consuming alcohol and coconut water is packed with electrolytes. You may be tempted to reach for a sports drink to replace electrolytes; however coconut water is a healthier option and is kinder to your stomach lining which is, undoubtedly, already dealing the effects of the night before. Coconut water may cost a bit, but if you want to quickly emerge from your horrid hangover, it’s worth the money. Its refreshing taste is enough to fix your spirits!
  2. Ginseng- this is the herbal equivalent of coffee. It boosts your energy levels, however unlike coffee, ginseng will not leave you dehydrated. You can buy ginseng in gum form from Holland and Barrett!
  3. Milk Thistle- this relieves nausea and indigestion and can be conveniently taken in pill form. It aids your liver with the process of detoxification. Also available in Holland and Barrett!
  4. Low GI foods- porridge, wholemeal bread or fruit smoothies will help elevate your blood sugar gradually. Alcohol leaves your sugar levels depleted and leaves you feeling like a dysfunctional zombie. Although you may be tempted to scoff down a greasy fry up, opt for one of these options instead. They’ll inject you with a little more life.
  5. Water- of course, the general rule is to keep hydrated. If you don’t drink water, you’re going to suffer for longer. It cannot be stressed enough how important water is during a hangover! Chug it as willingly as you were those drinks last night and you’ll eventually begin feeling better.

At the end of the day, time will rid of your hangover. There is no cure! No matter what you read, nothing can instantly kill off your hangover. You’re going to have to wait it out. Use the above remedies in order to return to your normal self at a quicker speed. Not only are the above foods and herbs good for hangovers, they are good for you in general, so even if you do stand by your “I’m never drinking again” speech and never encounter another hangover again, they’ll still be beneficial to your health!


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