Loughborough students smash Christmas Jumper World Record
Loughborough students smash Christmas Jumper World Record

On Wednesday 10th December 2014, Loughborough students gathered in the new Shirley Pearce Square in an attempt to break the World Record of the amount of people wearing Christmas jumpers in one place. To participate, students donated £2 to Save the Children, raising over £3000, adding to our LSU Rag total for this year! 1175 students attended, absolutely smashing the previous record of 639.

The event was organised by Sarah Haar, ex- VP Action and current Corporate Social Responsibility intern in Human Resources. Today, Sarah received an email to confirm that Loughborough have indeed broken the record and our certificate is on its way. Sarah had this to say following the news:

I called GWR last week in the hope that they could give me an update, they told me that our claim had been made a priority and that they would be in touch shortly. After almost 3 months of waiting, receiving the ‘Record Approved’ email this morning was absolutely amazing! We knew we had some competition at the time, which made the wait even more nerve-wracking. But I am so thrilled to be able to share the good news with everyone – it was a fantastic event enjoyed by students, staff and the local community. The moment I received the email, I instantly posted the news on Facebook and emailed all involved! We also managed to raise over £3000 for Save the Children. Same again next year..?

The news is clearly thrilling for all students and staff who took part in the World Record- and is definitely something to brag about to friends! The day was chilly but entertaining as the LCR Bryn Wilkes Show provided music whilst we stood in the same place for five minutes in our attempt to break the record. The festive atmosphere brought joy to all participants and is surely something to be remembered for a long time to come! Whether you attended or not, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a fantastic feat for Loughborough and something that we should be very proud of!

Not only did we break the record and raise money for charity, but we also showed off our true Loughborough community (and competitive) spirit, over 1000 of us coming together to do something wonderful. Individual students who took part in the Official Guinness World Record can claim their certificate online at the GWR store very soon- for now, simply take the time to revel in our new fame and remarkable record!


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