After all the planning of what time we were going to meet and which absent friend’s Grad Ball tickets we had to get as well as our own, it was brought to my attention that we had no idea what we were paying fifty quid for.  No line up had been revealed, no teasers, nada. So naturally when it was announced that the big reveal would happen on the 23rd, we were quite hopeful. 

It is incredibly difficult to fulfil everyone’s expectations, and naturally finding acts that would please every attendee is nigh impossible. With the pleasing theme of The Great Gatsby topping the theme polls, it is not unreasonable to assume that some form of music pertaining to that era in history would be expected.

While the DBE line up of Sigma and Gorgon City would be the highlight of many students night, here’s hoping that Caroline Flack pips them to the post and reveals some hidden talents.

After hearing about the outcomes of the previous Grad Balls, this one promises to be just as good (even if the last major album that Scouting For Girls released was in 2007). So as the champagne and celebrations start flowing here’s hoping that Molly gets us to the Best Student Experience top spot.

Becky Healey


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