This question has been raised the world over following the emergence of the twerking tongue waving image of Miley, one that is far from the days of innocent child TV icon Hannah Montana.

But in all honesty what is she doing wrong? The cash is being raked in by now 21 year-old Miley with sponsorships and other advertising deals playing a big part in her estimated net worth of $150 million.

There are all sorts of opinions offered up by various critics suggesting how Miley has proverbially fallen off the rails.

Twerking, in its infancy stage seemed like a fad that would not outlive the likes of planking, yet it has now been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. Plus it looks damn good on the eyes. As the old adage goes, sex sells, and Miley as an artist would merely be a fool not to join the echelon of popular music artists today such as Rihanna, Katy Perry or even Rita Ora who flaunt their bodies to accompany their music videos and onstage performances.

Her music is catchy to say the least, and she has furthered her career by teaming up with other high profile artists in music today, which include Wiz Khalifa as well as her vma twerking companion Robin Thicke.

Parents complain that she is a bad influence on their children, to which there is a twofold rebuttal: it is unfair to demand of her "typical" role model behaviour as she has clearly not asked to be one, and why in the hell would you let your children listen/watch her performances. There's an age rating on most things these days, and Miley is no exception.

If there is one Cyrus that is off the rails, that is surely her father Billy Ray – who released what can only be described as a god awful remake of an already awful song. Check out the video for “Achy Breaky 2” if you don’t believe me, which depicts an amalgam of an alien invasion and an acid trip.

Mike Silva


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