Rachael Lancaster was the winner of Label's Movie themed competition, run by the Illustration section of Label Magazine. Each month sees a different theme, which artists must base a piece of artwork around. Entries are displayed online and voted for by other students. As the competition was around the same time as the Oscars it only seemed fitting to base it on movies!

Name: Rachael Lancaster

Course: Fine Art, transferring to Graphics/Illustration (2nd year)

Favourite material/medium to work with: Pen with watercolour/ink

Idea for movie piece: I have always loved Harry Potter, so it was an obvious film choice for me. Instead of choosing a main character, though, I wanted to focus on a smaller one who gets less attention but is still a big part of the story. I left the background and colours simple in order to keep the focus on Dobby, particularly his expression. 

Potential career choice: Narrative illustration

Links to Website/Social Media: http://rachael-lancaster.blogspot.co.uk/

Books and films are the main influence of my work. I tend to alter the stories slightly to show them from a different perspective or comment on the original version, such as my recent work focused on Disney animations. I also do commissions – please see my blog for examples and contact details.


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