Name: Rob Whittaker

Hall: Faraday

Course: Criminology and Social Policy

Running For: President


With a plethora of experience of being part of a committee, current Faraday Hall Chair Rob Whittaker has had his eye on the President’s role since Fresher’s week this year. During campaign week, Rob is looking forward to meeting other students, and will focus on personal interaction as his key form of campaigning. His motivation comes from wanting to be at the heart of Loughborough’s incredible student experience, and wanting to provide that for others. With new ideas such as developing an online feedback forum, Rob seems to have all bases covered, but will he be able to portray the right image across during campaign week? Having once played at Twickenham Rugby Stadium (and won), there is more to Rob than meets the eye. Below is all the information you need to know about the Presidential candidate.

1.      Why are you running for this position?

I am running for Union President because in the three years that I have been at Loughborough I have been part of three committees in Faraday, I have loved being part of a team and leading a team. Most of all I love the student experience at Loughborough. I am looking forward to, if elected, getting involved and giving something back to Loughborough and being at the heart of that student experience

2.      What makes you more suited than other candidates?

I think all candidates who put themselves forward are strong candidates. However what makes me a strong candidate is like I said I have been on three committees, it has been good to see previous Presidents lead a team and be part of it, for example Ellie Read, being a part of that was fantastic. It has also been great to lead teams on Faraday committee, be part of the Union Council and things like being Chair of the Select Committee and being on the Disciplinary Board, I think I have the experience hopefully to lead a team.

3.      Tell us a bit about your campaign theme

It’s Super Robbo. I like the theme in the sense that there is quite a lot you can do with it and it’s quite fun. Hopefully it will be catchy to the eye because I know people appreciate that. It is slightly different in that sense to other themes, I have gone down the character line as opposed to for example Ellie’s ‘I Believe’, but still with a meaningful phrase of ‘the next level up’, which is the focus on the aim to increase student satisfaction of their experience whilst at Loughborough, as it has dropped this past year, so trying to improve on that from previous years.

4.      What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?

The most important aspect is maintaining what we have already got at Lougborough, which is fantastic, but also building on that to increase the student satisfaction and experience that we have lost in recent years. So my main points to do that is to find out what the students themselves want, because that is the only way we are going to increase their experience and satisfaction. To do so is to develop forums on social media, aimed also at town students to find out what they want, and also improve the hall buddy system that is already in place, give it a bigger presence. If we find out what people want in halls, it gives everyone a chance to feedback to the Union Exec and we can hopefully act on their beliefs and improve the student’s union the best we can

5.      In one sentence, why should people vote for you

I believe that I am passionate, and that I have the correct experience that I need for the role, I am committed to give everything to this position to provide the best student experience for everyone at Loughborough that I possibly can.


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