Name: Tommy Allen

Hall: Falkner-Eggington

Course: Physics

Running for: President

Tommy Allen A.K.A. AceMan is perhaps best described as an unorthodox candidate, but one with bucket loads of passion, excitement and zeal.  His dream of bringing The Hunger Games to Loughborough is both ambitious and exciting, but do the students of Loughborough want a more grounded President? Only time will tell.  But until then we’ll leave you with a Label Exclusive – for those of you that want to guess at how Tommy lost his tooth then guess away, however I can guarantee that no one will have thought that a thrown tortoise named Rafael caused said damage!  If you thought that story was a bit off the rails then wait until you see Tommy around campus, I’m sure there is far more excitement to come.

1.      Why are you running for this position?

I think I’d be good at it as I have a good all round basis of what being a student in Loughborough is about.  I have a big part in sport and have a lot to do with the Rugby league; I’m a social sec for that.  Also, I’ve been living in halls for one year and was social sec for Falk-Egg and now I’m an out of halls rep.  I’ve been out of halls for two years, so I’m not someone who has spent my entire student life in halls and have experienced both sides of student life, and have a broad sense of what makes student life as well as the social side and of course the educational side.

2.      What makes you more suited than other candidates running for this position?

Most of what I discussed in the first answer applies well to this question.  But also I think I’ve got extremely good leadership skills, I’m very creative, good at adapting myself to certain situations and I’m also quite a sweet talker (said jokily), which according to Josh (Hurrell – current Union President) is something that can come up quite a lot and I think it will be quite useful with gelling with other members of Exec.

3.      Tell us a bit about your campaign theme

My Campaign is ‘ACE MAN’ – he don’t need no theme – ACE MAN is me, it’s my self-given nickname from when I was thirteen and in my band called – Ace Man and the Pregnant Tea Pots, pretty atrocious band.  So, I’m taking it as my stage name, as the nickname has picked up since I’ve been here.  I think that if you have to have a theme to run then sometimes people don’t see the real you, people should vote for you and not your silly costume.  I also think that I look quite distinctive as a candidate, which is something that I can of course use to my advantage. 

4.      What would you say is the most important aspect of your manifesto?

I would say that it is about getting students more involved with Exec.  So, from past experience I feel that at times Exec can restrict their communication to mainly hall committees, and although that is an important aspect it isn’t necessarily reaching out to a lot of other students that are out there.  I would like to focus on getting students more involved with what goes on and happens at the union, I’d like to implement a system where students can input their ideas, which will of course need monitoring, all serious suggestions can then be put up on widely used social media sites such as Facebook as a way for other students to vote and get support for nights out, drinks offers.

5.      In one sentence, why should people vote for you?

You should vote for me because I’m bringing crazy back! (said jokily and with laughter) – later said as with regards to the fact that he might not be like the average candidate running for President.


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