As any visitor to Loughborough would agree, it is a fairly new and modern institution in comparison to other universities which have more history and grand architecture. Loughborough in comparison mostly consists of modern buildings, some which are still in the process of being built, such as the new Health and Biosciences building and National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM) located in the East Park area of the campus. Needless to say that for an institution which has been present for less than 50 years it has made its mark for excellence while climbing the university rankings nationally and internationally.

It is fair to say that Loughborough, since being awarded its Charter in 1966, has come a long way from its old depiction of ‘Loughborough University of Technology’. From its humble beginnings of being the country’s first technological university to being renamed as Loughborough University in 1996 it certainly has climbed the ladder of rankings. The ‘QS Top 50 Under 50’ which is a ranking of the world’s top 50 universities established within the last 50 years showed Loughborough to have climbed up to number 16. Loughborough is among only 2 other British Universities in the QS top 50 under 50 with Brunel University ranking on number 58 and University of Bath ranking as number 11.

Loughborough is carrying on its international reputation for research and innovation. Considered the most outstanding for sport, it continues its excellence in all academic areas.

Nuzhat Fatima


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