Why, indeed, would one run for exec? Many of you may not even know who are on the executive team or what they do. But over the next few weeks a new team will be voted in. This is extremely important to those of you returning to Loughborough next year and, even more so, to the incoming freshers.

Do you remember when you started at Loughborough and you had events like the sing off as well as welcome DVDs and events to make you feel at ease? Well part of that is down to the Exec.

The exec’s responsibility covers the academic and none academic fields, so they are actually a huge part of your time at Loughborough: even if you didn’t know it! This ranges from healthy living tips, education assistance, or whether you are involved with Action, are part of a society or the AU, or a volunteer at LSU media.

There are a significant number of roles to get involved with: Union President, VP: Democracy and Communications, VP: Finance and Commercial Services, VP: Welfare and Diversity, Athletic Union President, Head of Media, Societies President, RAG chair, Action Chair, E and E Officer, Alumni Officer, Community Officer, Global Officer, Employability and Enterprise DO and PostGrad Development Officer.

First and for most, running for exec shows you have determination and drive to push through the process. Organisation and time management will also be exhibited as well as your ability to associate with fellow students by communicating with and recruiting campaign helpers.

It is also an important, beneficial step between university and the outside world, for those who may be worried. It is your chance to spend more time at the university it you wished. Your recollections on your subsequent application forms, about all the hard work and determination you applied to your role, will appeal to potential employers. You will demonstrate your ability to work in a team and act as a role model for the functioning of exec.

Dominantly, there will be a huge sense of personal achievement, and the chance to ensure that others have as good or better time whilst studying here.

Emma Spencer


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