Trends are, on the one hand, a great thing. They can often help those less aware of what’s hot in the fashion world get clued up by following the guidance offered by celebrities and other popular fashionistas. But we can often get so caught up in what’s trending on the catwalk that we start to lose sight of our own, independent style. And it’s not a thing to feel ashamed of owning up to, because I admit, I do it too! I often find myself going into a shop, finding an item of clothing or a piece of jewellery that I love, before finding myself being swarmed with the thoughts of whether I’m actually going to look good or look stylish in it- ultimately asking myself, am I going to fit in with the crowd?

And there is now a ‘crowd’ all wearing the same garments, which they think looks really independent and ‘different’. I’m sure I am not the only one who has become infuriated by so many trends, white Converse All Star’s and khaki parka jackets to name but one, and I am a little ashamed to say that about 6 months ago, I too fell into the trap of this particular trend, and now fear that all woman kind is somehow lost in its deep abyss.

It is a good look, that much is obvious, evident by the amount of girls who wear these items around campus on a daily basis, but what does it say about us who want to look fashionable and stand out? Well the answer is, not a lot. And that’s because in trying to stand out, we are ironically, fitting it. If we are trying to look independent with the kooky collaboration of a khaki coat and cute white trainer shoes, then quite frankly, we are failing.

And there are so many of these popular trends that are actually just creating a world of fashion clones, in their efforts to look, ‘different’. But what do we even mean when we say we want to look, ‘different’?

Everyone essentially, whether they admit it or not wants to look good.  And it’s often not a case of attracting the other sex, but often just to make ourselves feel more confident or better about ourselves. This is at least true for me, for I often get up and get dressed, put my make up on and do my hair even if I know that the only place I’m going to go to that day is probably going to be the P.O. But through the universal desire to look attractive and stand out, so many girls try to remove themselves from the crowd and start new trends in an attempt to look ‘different’ from everybody else. There always used to be those who stood out because they dressed a little different, but this sought after, ‘edgy’ style has now become a trend in itself; the amount of people who have adorned these looks have now somehow managed to turn them into iconic trends. But the irony of this is, that we all just look the same!

So is there any way for us to dress independently and still stand out? Well the answer is simple; pick what you like, not what other people do. Trends are great, but we don’t need to lose our own sense of style in the process. There is nothing wrong with following a trend, but following it to excess may come at a price. Not only will you lose money, but you may just end up losing yourself…

Michaela Jewell


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