Loop Live Lounge; Young Kato

Hailing from Cheltenham (mostly), Young Kato are an indie-pop outfit that have excited people from the moment they formed two short years ago. Since then, after performing local gigs, writing their own material and releasing a four track EP, they’ve gone on to support bands such as Bastille, One Night Only, and We Are Scientists, as well as featuring on Made In Chelsea and eventually embarking on their own UK tour. Determination and sheer ability have launched Young Kato deservedly into the limelight, and with their debut album being recorded this very second, it looks like Young Kato are set to go even further.

The band have been popping into various student radio stations round the country to promote their upcoming album, helping to maintain the momentum they’ve generated with their television and festival appearances and gigs. LSU Media could not pass up the opportunity to host one of the brightest young bands knocking around, and invited the guys in to record a few tracks and have a chat. This was an easy and effective way of the band spreading the word of Young Kato to the students of Loughborough University, and on a personal note, it was amazing for me as a fan to watch and interview a band as talented as Young Kato.

When the band got into Loop studios, it wasn’t long before it became obvious to everyone that Young Kato deserve their plaudits. I found Tommy Wright’s vocals really quite alluring. His voice reminds me of Robert Milton’s of Dog Is Dead, and although he seemed relatively introverted, Wright’s confidence with his own voice and songs means his performance never sounded complacent or lacklustre. A band needs more than one strong vocalist in my opinion, and the harmonious vocal support of guitarist Joe Green gave the set such warmth when combined with the open E tuning of his guitar. Despite the original version of the song being played by the band in full six-piece full strength, their acoustic set on the day never sounded hollow, and I found myself singing along under my breath.

After the set I had a sit down and chat with three of the band members about what it’s like being thrust in stardom amongst other things. What really hit me when I got talking to the guys was that they were no different to people I normally hang around with. I’d built up in my mind speaking to a band I listen to in my spare time and started getting worried I’d get star struck, but the lads were just a good laugh and fun to talk to. It’s amazing, and slightly infuriating, to talk to people your own age who have achieved your own life goal by the time they’re 21, but to get an insight into their life on tour, meeting top musicians, working with producers and featuring on Made on Chelsea was utterly fascinating and inspiring for me and any other budding musicians and music fans out there.

Having just re-recorded and released single ‘Drink, Dance, Play’, Young Kato have given their fans something to feast on whilst they put the finishing touches on their debut album. If that wasn’t enough for you they’re currently embarking on UK headline tour this November. They’re not at the stage yet where they can charge you £50 and turn up late and legless (I'm looking at you Rihanna), so why not give these guys a go and get yourselves some tickets to a gig. If you’re already a fan of these guys then I’m sure you don’t need telling; but if this is the first you’ve heard of Young Kato then with your best interests in mind, I sincerely hope you check these guys out.


Will Thompson


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