Name: Jamie Crockett

Company: Higgins Homes PLC

Location: London/Essex

Course: Architectural Engineering & Design Management


Why did you choose to do a placement?

I chose to do a placement year as I hadn’t had any prior construction-related experience and I wanted to ensure I was heading down the right career path. With completing a placement, I feel that I will make myself more appealing to employers once I graduate. As well as this, it’s a nice break from the constant deadlines of uni work!

How did you choose where to apply?

I went to the graduate and placement careers fair where I spoke to several employers, as well as, attending talks within my department regarding placements. I also did a lot of research into some of the largest construction companies in the UK. Additionally, because Loughborough is the No. 1 uni for Civil & Building Engineering, many employers came to Loughborough specifically wanting students from my course. It took a lot of perseverance and it wasn’t easy, but eventually I managed to find somewhere.

How have you enjoyed working this year?

I’ve really enjoyed it so far, it’s absolutely flying by! It’s been a great experience putting what I have learnt from the past 2 years into real-life scenarios and I enjoy the balance between working in the office and going on-site. Lastly, it’s a great experience to live in London for a year, as there’s always something going on.

What is a typical day like?

Get out of bed at 8am, get the tube to work, start at 9am in the office, decide what work needs to be completed during the day, answer emails, resolve any problematic issues, lunch at 1pm-2pm, go on a site visit if needs be, leave at 5:30pm, eat, relax, repeat.

How has it/it not benefitted you?

I have learnt a huge amount & gained important knowledge of various elements of the design & construction process. It has given me opportunities to visit site and gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of a construction project, which is not possible when at uni. It’s also been nice to earn a bit of money, which will help me out in final year.

Would you recommend other students to do a placement year?

Definitely! If you get the opportunity to do one, do it. It will provide a much better understanding of the particular industry that you may go into and you can earn some money and/or even work abroad. Besides, it also gives you another year as a student!

What are your plans after university?

Although, still relatively undecided, I plan on travelling in the summer for a couple of months after uni has finished, then hopefully starting a grad job in the September/October.


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