My Year at  Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Name:     Ben Lambert

Company:    Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Location:    Leicester/Loughborough, England

Course:   International Relations


·       Why did you choose to do a placement?

The main reason I chose to do a placement was to gain an insight into the ‘working world’. I came straight to university from sixth-form and wasn’t sure what it would be like to graduate and start the daily chore of work. 

·       How did you choose where to apply?

It was really just an out of the blue application. At first I fancied doing my placement abroad in field related to my degree. Although as I thought about my future, diversifying and gaining skills which my degree didn’t offer seemed more appropriate.

·       How have you enjoyed working this year?

At first it was difficult to adjust to the working lifestyle. Waking up at times unknown to us students, having less free time and feeling tired for the first few weeks was all very difficult. HOWEVER, now I am into the swing of things, I love it. Working within a team is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job as it becomes less like work and more like hanging with friends in a professional environment. Moreover, having a few pennies is always a bonus.  

·       What is a typical day like?

Wake up at 6:30am, go to work at 7:45am, have a team meeting, start the daily tasks, drive a few company cars, rent a few cars, eat a few samosas, nice long lunch break, deal with customers, finish at 6pm, relax, eat, chill, sleep.

·       How has it/it not benefitted you?

Financially it is extremely beneficial. However the most beneficial aspect is that I have gained an insight into the work world which has helped to put life into perspective.

·       Would you recommend other students to do a placement year?

Yes, it is like a taster for what you will be doing for majority of your life. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to worry about doing that for the rest of your life as you have another year to think. 

·       What are your plans after university?

Travel the world, live life to the full then get a good career in something I enjoy.


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