YouTube. Where would we be without it? Cat videos, goats screaming and babies laughing; it’s a website like no other. Discovered in 2005, YouTube has become a place to waste hours of the day watching the best viral content online. With over one hundred hours of footage being uploaded every minute it can often be hard to filter through the good and the bad. So, I’ve chosen my top five YouTube channels that can be found on the go to procrastination site. In no particular order here they are…

1.     EpicMealTime. “We make your dreams come true…then we eat them” Subscribers: 5,780,850

 Bored? Hungry? Lover of bacon? EpicMealTime is the channel for you. With new videos added every week and an amalgamation of over 621 million channel views these Canadian ‘chefs’ know what they’re doing. Bacon, cheese and fast food is glorified in the best possible way…. such as building castles with meat, making bacon weaves, and creating a lasagne out of burgers.

Hint: Never watch these videos if you’re hungry.

Video to Check Out: Ultimate Pizza Sandwich.

2.     DevinSuperTramp. “The World Through My Eyes”

           Subscribers: 1,559,029

Bored? Wish you were somewhere where it wasn’t constantly raining?  DevinSuperTramp is a channel that focuses on the most extreme outdoor activities, from cliff jumping, to rope swings to extreme paintballing, all coupled with slick camera angles and great music. With the use of GoPro cameras the videos make you feel as if you’re experiencing the thrills, and guarantees that you wish you were somewhere else other than your bedroom doing work.

Vide to Check Out: World’s Largest Rope Swing.

3.     PranksVsPrank. “The Pranking Couple”.

           Subscribers:  3,938,103

Bored? Want to watch someone get humiliated, tricked and embarrassed? PrankVsPrank is a channel run by boyfriend and girlfriend Jesse and Jeana, as they put their relationship to the test by pranking each other in the most creative and bizarre ways possible. Named by USA Today as ‘the best pranksters on YouTube’ this channel has hours of endless entertainment.

Video to Check Out: Girlfriend Caught Cheating Prank

4.     Daily Grace.“I vlog everyday! Five days a week!”

            Subscribers: 2,189,646

Daily Grace. She’s called Grace, and she uploads videos daily. She’s awkward, funny, alcohol dependent and…awkward. DailyGrace’s videos have a theme; so everyday you know what you’re getting-Monday Miscellaneous, Tuesday Comments, Wednesday Reviews, Thursdays How To and Sexy Friday. Grace is doing pretty well for herself, and has had quite a few successes from YouTube. If you can’t get enough of Grace, check out her best friends channels ‘MyHarto’ and ‘MamrieHart’, as these three girls have just finished filming a movie together, which is bound to be hilarious.

5.     ‘The Daily Vloggers’. Okay, so this isn’t really a channel but more of a collection of people who have become friends on YouTube, and film their lives. Everyday. Yes, that’s right, there are people who put every moment of their lives online for our own enjoyment. Great Vloggers to check out are

…CTFxC. This channel is run by married couple Charles and Ali who have filmed everyday of their lives for the past five years. They actually hold the Guinness World Record for the longest consecutive daily vlogs. There has been a proposal, a wedding and quite a few brain surgeries. Although Charles and Ali’s video content is upbeat and funny, Charles is living with a brain tumour, and even vlogged his surgery. That’s a first for the Internet.

ShayTards: Just like CTFxC the ShayTards are daily Vloggers. They are a family of six (Mum, Dad, four kids and baby number five to be born any minute now). On their channel you can witness the everyday American family life, watch Shay (the dad) give you inspiring life talks, and get to feel like part of the family. Shay has recently shot a film called “I’m Vlogging Here’, all about those who have made a living out of YouTube.

Of course there are many great YouTube channels out there, and I struggled to only choose five. YouTube is a great place to go to when you’re feeling bored, want a laugh, or even want to learn something! This website really does have it all.


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