Loughborough Ladies Annihilate Worcester

Loughborough Women’s 4s netballers continue to stupefy in the BUCS Midland 6A league with ahuge 79-6 win over Worcester 4s. After last week’s 45-19 victory against Worcester’s 3rd team, Hannah Gordon reports on the continuation of Loughborough’s great form.

After Loughborough lost the toss, the game began with a Worcester centre; which became one of many that were quickly turned over and effortlessly fed down to the Loughborough attack. In this instance it was given to goal attack Megan Miller, pictured here, who opened the account with a comfortable goal from below the net.

An initial error from the Loughborough defence did see Worcester get onto the scoreboard in the first quarter, taking the score to 4-1 from a penalty shot. However, a score of 20-4 at the end of the first quarter meant that Worcester had a lot of catching up to do.

Despite their best efforts and persistence throughout, Worcester remained a step behind the pace throughout the match as Loughborough continued to race away. After Worcester failed to score at all in the second quarter, the third quarter began with the score at 38-4 to Loughborough.

By this point it was apparent that Worcester were tiring on court, desperately trying to keep up with the tempo the Loughborough girls set for the match, but always finding themselves a few strides behind.

Credit to the combined efforts of Loughborough centre Megan Burnside and wing attack Hannah Goodridge in the middle of the court, which enabled Loughborough to overturn almost any attempt Worcester made at getting the ball to their attack. Unfortunately for Worcester, this was a common theme throughout the match and allowed Loughborough to inflate their lead by a further 20 goals to end the third quarter 60-5.

Plaudits have to be given to the outstanding precision and shot accuracy from both the Loughborough goal attack Megan Millar and goal shooter Emma Hanson, as barely a shot at goal was missed throughout the match. Worcester were finally put out of their misery when the final whistle blew to conclude the game at 79-6, in what can only be described as a 'piece of cake' win for Loughborough.

Hannah Gordon


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