Freshers Follow Up

It’s been and gone, and passed in a blur, and freshers 13 is offically over. Labels’ Fresher Feature writers sum up their first few weeks at Loughborough.

So freshers is finally over. After a long fortnight of meeting new people, I'm finding that the questions “What's your name?” and “What course do you do?” are still wringing round in my mind – at times my fatigue reached the point that I couldn't even remember the answers to these, even introducing myself to my drama group as Lucy. Now all that's left to do is hash out the next three years of my degree. If I can manage eleven nights of four hours sleep, loud music until early parts of the morning, and insipid fancy dress costumes (one evening consisting of merely a piece of bread and some tape), I can surely manage that.

-Lewis Aaron Wood


Freshers has been a whirlwind of on-going partying and wacky costumes whilst getting to know the whole of my small, but mighty hall. We were kept busy in the day with RAG raids, Action Projects, laser tag and bowling and in the evenings went out as Smurfs, cowboys, fairies, robbers, or in our bright Rigg-Rutt tops. Of course many of these nights were kicked off by the ‘legendary’ punch parties where even reaching the Union was an achievement. The Sing Off was a main event and although our hall didn’t win, we still partied just as hard as the winners that night, led by our Hall Chair dressed as Super Man. Freshers Ball was a personal highlight, with the spectacular fireworks display and getting way too excited over the doughnuts and chocolate fountains. I also paid a visit to the Wonky Wedding Chapel and was married by a questionable character who resembled a scary Willy Wonka. I was lucky enough to see Professor Green along with all of the other great acts playing that night, but the biggest surprise came when I received a text on my birthday saying ‘Come to the union NOW. Tinie Tempah is here!’ Granted, I am not a massive fan but the crowd was electric and the excitement was infectious! So as our first ever freshers draws to a close, I am left with plenty of embarrassing photos and blurry memories and a marriage certificate as proof of how crazy the past two weeks have been, definitely living up to my expectations.

-Isobel Warner


Freshers was fab! You may think this sounds a little over enthusiastic, but freshers did go above and beyond expectations, it was so well organised in my hall, and everyone seemed to have a great time, despite our constant tiredness. It was a great way to get talking to loads of new people, even if they didn't always remember your name the day after! Freshers ball is a particularly memorable part and there are still so many people talking about it! Everyone was so friendly and really embraced the various fancy dress themes…when we go out now we have no idea what to wear; "what shall we go as?" The answer is, ourselves, apparently. The infamous freshers flu has got me though, but I guess that's the price we have to pay for going out every night!  Roll on next year!

-Katie Wilson


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