I’m sure you’re all excited to know who will come out victorious this year! Make sure you stay tuned into Label Online’s Live Updates to cheer your Halls along and celebrate, or commiserate, along with them as they make it through the stages or not so ideally get knocked out #LabelFreshers2013

Well done to all the halls that took part in The Sing Off, till next year.

Two years in a row, they truly are SING OFF CHAMPIONS!


Second place goes to Elvyn Hall.

The results are – third place is Cayley Hall.

The Exec are back, here we go!

The Exec are now off to make one tough decision!  So many amazing performances tonight.

The final hall of the evening is Falk-Egg however, they have been somewhat rowdy tonight will this stand in the way of them becoming Sing Off Champions this year?

Princess Peach is up for another performance, minus the wig!

Bill Mo are the forth performance of the final, is it possible that they could bag the Sing Off 2013 for a second year?  They seem to think so.  Even louder and clearer than their first performance!

Royce are now up and radioactive they surely are!

Both impressive performances from the first two halls in the final.

Next up is Towers.

Kicking things off it's Cayley.

It's started.

This Final is going to be absolutely massive!  With all 6 halls finally in Room 1 it's nearly time to start.  Tweet us @labelonline to show your hall some support.

Heat 2 winners William Morris and Elvyn Hall complete the Sing Off Final lineup!

Heat 1 winners Royce and Falk-Egg are the other two lucky halls to have made it through.

It has just been announced that both Towers Hall and Cayley Hall have made it through to the final of The Sing Off! Get excited!

Keep refreshing this page for further updates.

With Heat 3 over, it is very clear that this will be an incredibly tough Sing Off to judge.  Keep following our updates and you'll find out the winner along with all the rest of the Freshers.

Label are loving the foam fingers, they are a great addition to the theme.

Finally for heat 3, we have Towers.

Next up is Cayley, being escorted on by two of their police! Very smart.

Butler are loud, but some of their chants are unclear.

Butler Court are now up, with their representative sporting a very fetching white wig.

Telford are first up, a very loud start.

Heat 3 has begun, remember to keep refreshing and tweeting @labelonline.

Another mascot appearance from the Towers Tiger.  This heat is going to be intense, there are some big halls here.

Towers have now entered Room 1 and Label are interested to see how their American football theme will be incorporated into their chants.

The Cayley Convicts have now made their way through, this could be an interesting performance.  Could they steal the title of Sing Off champions this year?

Telford Hall and Butler Court are now in Room 1, both referencing old films as their themes, will be interesting to see how these two perform.

Back to an empty Room 1.  Anyone excited for an intense Heat 3?

With Rutherford having left, it's a battle out between Elvyn and Robert Bakewell.

Bill Mo are the first hall to leave to Fusion, closely followed by Faraday who are making their way through to Piazza.

Are you all thoroughly excited?  Remember to keep tweeting @labelonline your thoughts on The Sing Off 2013.

The Exec are now off to decide the halls that will be progressing to the final heat. 

'It'sa me Mario' to finish their performance off, we all love a bit of Mario!

A good job of incorporating the Mario theme into their chants. 

Finally to complete Heat 2, we now have the representative for Elvyn, very funny.

'Rutherford is wonderful' – very tame considering the majority of Sing Off chants.

Rutherford now up, with a similar theme to the just up Faraday.

This heat has been impressively loud so far.

Faraday are now up with their 369 theme, again very good use of the sheild prop.

Bill Mo are pulling out all the stops, raisning their mascot in the air.

William Morris is now up, with clear and loud chants.

Bobby Bear making an appearance, smart use of props from Bakewell.

A nice touch with the graduation hats.

First up it's Robert Bakewell.

The Exec are making their second appearance on stage, are you all ready for this next one?

Elvyn are the final hall to make up this heat, should be an exciting heat 2.

Rutherford are now moved in to Room 1, should we expect big things from these lot?  They have a strong theme with 'Rutherford Romans.'

Adding to the mix of halls for Heat 2 we have Faraday .

William Morris, last year's Sing Off champions, are now moving into place.  Will they be eager to impress again this year? We think so.

Robert Bakewell are now moving into Room 1.  What will they bring to the Sing Off with their very likable Booby's University theme?

With Falk-Egg having finally left to make their way into JCs Room 1 is now empty.  Who are you all cheering for, keep letting Label know @labelonline.

'Shoes off if you love Falk-Egg' – Label saw quite a few flip flops just then, look at them sporting Loughborough clothing style already.

DC are leaving with a little bit of a 'Cheerio' chant from Falk-Egg.

Royce Hall have left room as well now, so just Falk-Egg and DC left to battle it out with their chants.

Label have been getting jealous of all these lucky Freshers, wish we could all experience it again!  Good luck to all Halls in heat 1.

Harry French are being moved into Fusion.

Rigg-Rutt are now making their way to Cognitos.

The chants continue loud as ever even after the halls have been told to exit Room 1

That hasn't stopped this lot in Room 1 from carrying on with their chants!

The Exec have now left the stage to deliberate over which halls will make it into the final.

A little bit of 'Lufbra Walk on Water' – we all know this one!

With all of the Halls having performed their 2 minute sing off performances, the representatives from the halls have been brought back on stage.

The representative for DC seems to be enjoying himself as an Ali G look a like, jumping around all over the stage.

Wih Royce's time up, it's now for the final hall of heat 1, David Collett.

'Welcome to the Royce age'

Getting the use of YOLO into their chants.

Now for Royce Hall's representative.

Some very impressive costume designs, 'Frenchers Assemble' have got that right.

Time is up for Rigg-Rutt, now for Harry French to show Room 1 what they've got.

Rigg Rutt's representative is sporting a very fetching super heroes costume.

Falk-Egg's time is up, Rigg Rutt's turn now.

Falk-Egg incorporating a bit of humour into their chants, off to a good start

"where did you get those clothes from DC"

The representative for Falk-Egg is making their way on to stage



The silence of Exec, tense stuff right here in Room 1.

It's all about to start, the Exec are making their way on to stage now.

David Collett have been added to the mix now.  Who are you cheering for?

Things are nearly about to kick off – we've got Falk-Egg, Rigg-Rutt, Harry French and Royce so far.


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