William Morris have been crowned Champions of The Sing Off for the second year in a row.  They battled it out against Cayley, Towers, Royce, Elvyn and Falk-Egg.  Under the theme of Bill Moshers they thought up creative yet clever lyrics and their performance was particularly unique.  They even put on a show outside of their performance, with several members of the Bill Mo crowd sporting inflatable guitars and jamming out, once again fitting in incredibly well with their theme!

Although Bill Mo have reigned supreme for yet another year, that’s not to say that all the other halls don’t deserve credit. Each hall gave their all and each and every one put on a fantastic performance.  Here’s a quick overview of all of the heats.

In Heat 1, Falk-Egg were first up, a tough job but one they managed excellently. Using props and lyrics to fit their theme, Falk-Egg filled Room 1 with noise and energy, all the time staying classy. They were followed by Rigg-Rut, lead by their representative in an impressive Super Man outfit, excellent job on the costume to match an excellent performance. Third were Harry French, again with a very impressively dressed representative. The penultimate act of Heat 1 was the Royce army, loud as always and with bags of energy. David Collet hall were the last act of Heat 1, each wearing a yellow hat adding a fantastic visual dimension to their performance.

Heat 2 first brought us Robert Bakewell, with the theme Bobby’s University, who cleverly incorporated flags and hats into their performance. Next came reigning champions William Morris, beating last year’s performance was always going to be a hard task but they definitely put up a good fight (particularly after raising their mascot into the air). Faraday, in keeping with their theme of 300, used props effectively by all sporting a shield, visually enhancing their performance. Then came the Rutherford Romans, also encorporating props into their performance. Elvyn were the last to perform, and managed to mix the Mario Brothers theme tunes into their routine.

Telford were first up in Heat 3, keeping with the theme of Top Gun they all performed in aviators, another hall to have used props well. Butler Court were second and carried out a great performance using their Butler to the Future theme. The Cayley representative entered the stage supported by two police guards, a nice touch to go with their Convicts theme. The final hall to perform were Towers, their Titans theme got them through to the final stages.

Label spoke to Head of Media – Helen Crossley to get her opinion on how The Sing Off 2013 was from her side of the stage: ‘The Sing Off was absolutely amazing, being on stage and seeing all of the action was one of the highlights of freshers so far. It was made even more amazing by my hall buddy, Bill Mo, winning. The sing off epitomises everything that’s brilliant about the Loughborough student experience and I have no doubt that every single fresher would have been wowed by the experience”


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