Summer is on its way, and it's now time to don our summer attire and dress down, keeping the outfit simple and comfortable. With such simple outfits, how do you make your outfit stand out? Label Style team’s Simon Bond helps you find your perfect accessory.

Accessories elevate your outfit by improving upon your base layer. They can show off a little flair of individuality and are the difference between a good summer look and a perfect summer look. Here are six accessories to consider for this summer:


Sunglasses will always be a summer staple, and everyone looks a lot cooler with the right pair of sunglasses. This summer, stick with the classic ray ban, or go 80s and try oversized frames with a ‘sweatbar’.


Keep it simple with one key bracelet, or otherwise, the more the merrier. Load your wrist with a variety of styles, colours and weaves. Bracelets are easy to come by, but if you are looking for something a little more individual try a sailing bracelet. Kiel James Patrick is a good place to start.


Belts tend to be stable for most peoples outfits, but the right belt can have as much of an impact as other less obvious accessories. Big is bad for belts this season. Keep the belt thin and with a simple buckle! Three belts to choose from for this summer: A woven leather belt in dark brown for its versatility, a rope belt for its nonchalance and finally a brightly coloured preppy belt for its ability to make a statement and show off your summer loving personality.


Great way to add dramatic, eye catching colour. Start off with bright red socks, as they will work with most outfits, but if you want to show a little more enthusiasm, try green or bright coloured Navajo prints. 


Suede is material to be seen in this summer. Rock suede loafers, boat shoes, drivers or even suede trainers!


The man bag is not for this summer, but the backpack is! Leave your nylon backpack at home and go out and buy a canvas based, leather trimmed backpack. It’s up to you how standout you want to go. Bright colours and prints are just as fashionable this summer as a casual beige or navy blue.


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